Monday, September 24, 2007

Low Fat, Fat Free, Low Carb... what?!

The outside labels can be deceiving. You see that it says "fat free" and you look at the nutrition label and it says "Total fat 0grams" and you think PERFECT! Well not so much. The problem with many products that have those labels is that companies may take out the fat but they increase other things, like sugars (which turns to fat) and carbohydrates. It's really a decision that you need to make. What is more important to you? Take Fat Free Sour Cream... you are reducing the amount of fat, there is no doubt about that, but sugars and carbs increase (like with most products). If you are trying to lose weight and you want to start eliminating some of the carbs you eat... then BE AWARE of these products. This all goes back to label reading. It is confusing because most people (like myself) say "what should I eliminate fat or sugar or carbs" and there is no right answer. It's all personal decisions. I like to try avoid food that has added chemical sugars... it's not easy, but if a food is adding chemicals and taking away fat, i usually don't buy it. But that is my PERSONAL preference, you will develop yours.

White flour turns to sugar in your body and then turns to fat... so you may be eating a "low fat" or "fat free" product, but you may actually be getting the same amount of fat as in the regular product. I know you are probably thinking... my gosh there are so many things I need to look out for when I am trying to eat healthy. While that might be true REMEMBER we are not cutting out everything we love. It's just about being aware and making some decisions. Also look out for the "sugar free" or "no sugar added" products. Refer back to the list of hidden names for sugar. Believe me, even with sugar free products some of those nasty names are in there!

Also compare products. If a soup says "low sodium", look at the regular version for more then just sodium content. You don't want a company taking out one bad thing but increasing all the others. There are healthier alternatives to foods out there, you just need to look for them! The "low fat" version might be better for you, but I am just informing you to again read the labels, you will be surprised. You want to get the most NATURAL nutrition into your body, so if the fat free version is packed with chemicals but lower in fat, I don't think it's worth it.

Healthy Tip #3: Take a little extra time at the grocery store to look at labels and decide what foods you want to buy. Not only will you be more aware of what is going into your body, but you might actually find that some of the things you love aren't that bad for you! Easy enough?

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