Tuesday, November 6, 2007


I followed an average girl, Marissa, trying to get healthy and her personal trainer Jimmie. He gave me some really good tips for the average person who is trying to get motivated into going to the gym. He really broke it down, telling me how it isn't all about going to the gym, it was more about having an active lifestyle. I put it all together in this video below. Check it out :)

Some easy exercise tips Jimmie said were...
1) Instead of using the TV remote, get up and change the channels
2) Do some yard work around the house, it burns a lot of calories
3) Take the stairs instead of the elevator
4) Park farther in the parking lot wherever you go

Now these tips won't help you drop massive pounds or become a super health nut, but it's a start to an active lifestyle. Fortunately going to the gym isn't the only way to work out, you can exercise at home if you feel uncomfortable doing it in front of other people.

Jimmie suggested yoga as a good start, and you can get a lot of home videos, or join a class. He also said to always stretch before working out because even that burns calories and gets your heart rate going!

Some easy home exercise tips to come in another blog...

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